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    Only a few years after we had to wait for a few days to download film irani the best films and serials, but everything changed for a lifetime, from the odd speeds of film companies, especially the Internet and television networks, to the speed. The release of subtitles with strange progress. Cinema and television enthusiasts still have not forgotten how long we had to wait for a few days to release a lost or even a “broken bad” episode, while the number of cinematic and theatrical productions Less than ever, and giants like NETFLIX even have a very original product Shtnd But despite the Netflix year as the company’s film and TV producing, we have a problem in finding the subtitles are not due to fierce competition between sites and resources Download subtitle that makes significant progress in this field. If you are looking for an option that has no flaws among all these sites, continue reading this article.

    serial raghs roye shishe

    Dance on Glass The title of the home collection by Mehdi Golestaneh, a script written according to a plan by Abolfazl Kahani and written by Tala Motazedi, is the product of Jafari’s contract of 1397. The collection, which has a romantic and social atmosphere, is in Farsi and Persian. It has been released since February 29, 1397, and will be broadcast in 26 episodes.
    The “Dance on Glass” collection is a social melodrama in the denial of immigration and in praise of the family. Rana and Yagmah have good and lively lives, but they threaten their lives as a shadow of the secrets they hide, and this secret constitutes a terrible adventure for them.

    serial nahange abi

    The Blue Whale is the title of the home collection directed by Fereydoun Jirani, the writer of Bahram Tavakoli and producer Saeed Malekan in the year 1397. This collection is in the social-mysterious style, in an adventure in the Persian language and the product of Iran; the series has been launched since February 9, 1397, and will be broadcast in 30 episodes weekly (every Tuesday). In addition to Saeed Malalkan, the First Art and Philippine companies are also investors of this complex.
    Armin (Saed Soheyli), a 25-year-old young student, is not a gifted student; he can not communicate with people, and he does most of his time with his book-making site. His father (Majid Mozaffari) has been diagnosed with MS and has been separated from his mother (Parish of Theory). She is familiar with Jaleh (Mahour Alvand), a girl whose book list is very similar to Armin. Jaleh introduces him to the construction company where he works as a graphic artist, who has a financial problem. Armin in the company with Bahman (Hossein Yari) head of the branch, Anahita (Leila Hatami), Bahman’s nominee, Haleh (Azadeh Samadi), Company secretary, Nader (Hamid Reza Azarang) Chairman of the parent company, and Pearl (Vishka Asayash), Nader’s wife and one Members of the parent company board are familiar. Armin is hired as the network security officer in the company and this is the start of the adventures of her new life.

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